Published at June 4th, 2016

Should I See a Chiropractor?

Have you ever wondered if you should see a Chiropractor? To me the answer is obviously YES, but not because I am a Chiropractor. If you have a spine, then you should include a Chiropractor as part of your health team. You have eyes, you see an eye doctor to monitor the health of your eyes. You have teeth and you see a dentist to check and help maintain the health of your teeth. But who is checking your spine? For a lot of us, no one is checking our spinal health. So are you just basing it off of how you feel? This is never a good idea. Most of us know someone who felt fine one day and something awful happened next, like a heart attack or a stroke. Health is much more than how you feel; it's also how you function. Now the tricky thing with function is it that it doesn't yell as loud as pain does, and it can also send confusing messages. So oftentimes, it can be overlooked.

What does our spine do? Why is it so important?  Our spine keeps us upright. But it also houses and protects our spinal cord which connects to our brain. Our brain and spinal cord are constantly sending and receiving messages from our nerves. The bones in our spine or vertebrae are designed to move so we can do all of the things we love to do like walk, garden, ski, bike, play with our kids or grandkids, etc. Because our vertebrae move, they can also shift out of place, and when this happens they put pressure on our nerves. So what, you might say: Nerves control EVERYTHING like breathing, sleeping, taking a drink of water and digesting our food along with all of the movement we do day to day. If there is pressure on the nerve going to your arm you might have pain and tingling, but often you don't even notice the change in strength or function until it is yelling at you. You might not notice that you're not breathing as deeply as you could due to your poor posture putting pressure on those nerves. Just try slouching in your chair and taking a deep breath and try it again while sitting upright and you will feel the difference.

Chiropractic is known for its positive results in treating back pain. It is also excellent for taking pressure off of your nerves. If you feel pain, then indeed that is a signal that there is pressure on your nerves. A chiropractor will remove the pressure and not only help with the pain. It will also help your body function at a higher level because the information that your body is trying to send is no longer blocked by the bones that are out of alignment. I remember the first time I saw a chiropractor.  I had been hit by a car on my bicycle when I was 19. I went in for the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. The chiropractic adjustments helped alleviate my neck and shoulder pain. The thing that was even more profound for me was that I felt like he was turned on in my legs. I had no pain there and felt like I was functioning and moving just fine, but after that first adjustment, I felt my legs and feet in a way I didn't recall ever feeling before. This was part of the reason I decided to become a chiropractor.

Chiropractic along with clean eating, regular exercise, and positive thinking is a prescription for living your best life. My advice is if you have a spine, you should see a chiropractor. How do I find a good one? Call a few offices in your area and set up complimentary consultations. Ask a lot of questions and see who fits with you.

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